TAMIU-SCAN Prevention Project

Texas A&M International University


The TAMIU-SCAN Prevention Project uses a variety of evidence-based prevention activities to prevent or reduce substance abuse and the transmission of HIV and viral hepatitis infection among Hispanic young adults (18-24 years of age) attending Texas A&M International University in Webb Co.

Services & Activities



To identify risk and protective factors for substance abuse and HIV and hepatitis C infection.


Case Management

To provide ongoing contact with participants both in-person and by phone to monitor their progress and assist them as needed.


Problem Identification and Referrals

To ensure that participants are provided with information and resources to access support services.


Prevention Counseling

To provide participants with face-to-face counseling to address identified problems or concerns.


Prevention Education

To provide awareness and knowledge of substance abuse and HIV and hepatitis C infection and increase protective factors, enhance resiliency, and decrease risk factors.


Rapid HIV and Hepatitis C Testing

To make participants aware of their status concerning HIV and hepatitis C.

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